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May 23, 2016
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June news from i-Sourcer

Hi everyone,

Welcome to the June news update from i-Sourcer, what a month that’s been!

Huge news delivered from Linkedin by announcing Microsoft paid circa $28 billion for the business networking platform, what could this mean for you?

Microsoft doesn’t have the best track record in acquisitions, do you remember Nokia?? It does however possess a powerful stable of brands which could improve the functionality of Linkedin.

There are a few potential changes we can see in the future. The biggest users of Linkedin are recruiters, what about integrating Skype into the platform to offer online interviews? Microsoft also lost out on the monster that is Facebook advertising, will we see more posts from paid adverts across Linkedin, is that a good thing?

Meanwhile, the business is growing nicely with more clients coming onboard, we promote them and they experience an increase in their brand awareness. We also run a number of free networking events on Twitter, #sherwoodhour runs every Monday from 8-9pm and on Wednesday 6th July we launch #centralhour promoting businesses in the middle of the UK.

I’m also delivering an increased number of presentations to sales teams showing them how to source faster on Linkedin.

Every i-Sourcer client now receives free training on how to target market on Twitter, the reach is simply incredible. Should you like to know more please get in touch

Happy sourcing!


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